The best compliment you can give someone is a referral.

Despite their busy schedules, seeing our clients take the time to not only say, "Thank you" but "I've referred you to..." truly means the world to us. It's notes like these that make us jump out of bed every morning and remind us how lucky we are to have the best job (and clients!) in the world. 

Anita and Karthik - Wedding
I'm so thankful we hired Gaciel and David as the photographers for our wedding. Not only did they have such warm, kind, friendly personalities, but Gaciel's work is absolutely STUNNING. They are incredibly passionate about the work they do, and their energy is infectious. They made us feel very comfortable and knew exactly what they were doing (I was impressed by their knowledge of Indian weddings too!). Gaciel and David worked very hard to make sure all our wedding memories were capture the way they wanted. They were very responsive to feedback, and flexible when the schedule changed last minute. I would highly recommend them to all our family and friends, and would definitely hire them again for future events. Thank you again for all your hard work, Gaciel and David!!!
Puja and Rohit - Wedding
I'm so thankful to have stumbled across Gaciel during our wedding planning. She and her team were the most professional and kind hearted people we have come across. She made us feel so comfortable. and captured so many beautiful moments form our wedding!! We love you, Gaciel! Thank you for all your hard work!!!
Priyanka and Amar - Wedding

Where to start? Gaciel and David are two of the MOST talented individuals we've ever met!! Their photos speak for themselves, but as people they are the most kind, easy to work with, and professional photographers. My fiance hired Gaciel Santana Photography to photograph his surprise marriage proposal. I didn't even know they were around being "paparazzi" to this proposal. The beautiful shoot occurred at a vineyard, and the photos they captured of the proposal and our private shoot afterwards were incredible. So of course we hired them for our wedding! Their artistic views and familiarity with indian culture are unparalleled, and upon seeing the sneak peek of our wedding pictures we were speechless!! We love their work, and that they are so so easy to get along with. The wedding photos were back to us in 3 months, and they are the best memories we could asked for :) 
Mariam and Ahsan - Wedding

I'm so happy I chose Gaciel Santana as my engagement/wedding photographer! She is dedicated and ana amazing photographer. My friends and family were truly blown away by her radiant personality as well as her skills. I love every photo she captured! Highly recommend her for your special day :) 
Nazia and Asif - Wedding

I have used Gaciel Santana Photography for 3 of my wedding events. Gaciel and David were able to capture every detail of every moment and made myself, my husband, and my friends and family feel so comfortable. The quality of her photography is outstanding. We are so happy to have a beautiful album that we ordered through her which show cases our favorite memories of all our events. Thank you for capturing our most important event of our lives! Looking at these beautiful images helps us to relive it!

Gaciel Santana Photography


Bhavana and Ben - Wedding

Thank you for your patience, hard work and creativity to make our wedding such a special event. we love the photos so much. Our families are very impressed with you two, and wish you the best. Here's a little something to keep you going on our busy days :) We look forward to working again in the future. Love, Bhavana and Ben .
Robert and Melissa - Wedding

Dear Gaciel and David, than you so much for our engagement photos, and of course, our beautiful wedding photos. We look forward to seeing the rest. We really enjoyed working with you. Thanks again for helping make our day perfect. Sincerely, Rob and Melissa Floyd. 
Sneha and Ajay - Engagement
Gaciel!.....I can't stop admiring our engagement ceremony pictures. You are very talented!!. Ajay and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer to capture all our special moments. Can't wait for our next shoot
Sneha and Ajay - Wedding

Gaciel & David....although you were prompt with the stated delivery of our wedding pics, I could not wait another day. I drove home one day early just to see the pics!
I cannot tell you how many happy tears I shed perusing the photos...
The emotions, the details, the angles ...the end effect?....immortal bliss !!
You guys have seamlessly captured our biggest day and for this...we will be forever grateful and we thank you wholeheartedly. You are not just our photographers but now you are our dear friends and we look forward to sharing a lifetime of memories.
With sincere love,
Sneha & Ajay
Nusrat and Rony - Wedding
Hi Gaciel! It was a pleasure working with you. We LOVE the pictures! You are sooooo talented and your work is amazing!! Thanks for perfectly capturing a special day of our lives that we can look back on :) Wish you the best of luck and a lot of success! Looking forward to working with you again in the future.
Prasanna and Raj - Wedding

Hi Gaciel! I love all the pictures. I cannot stop looking at them and had a very tough time picking a select few to share with friends and family. You guys have truly capture the moments and the feeling of the whole reception perfectly/ I couldn't asked for better pair of photographers. Wish we had more sessions with you.. who knows maybe in the future!?!
Amanda and Cody - Engagement

Dear Gaciel (and David and Maxi, too! :) I'm not even sure how to thank you or repay for capturing our engagement photos, as well as our upcoming wedding. In our way, our love for each other feels somewhat personal to us, so we felt somewhat hesitant about having engagement photos done. Gaciel, when I thought about you, I knew right away that Cody and I would both feel comfortable with you. David and Maxi made it even easier for us. I contacted you with such a short amount of notice, and we couldn't be more appreciative that you have worked with our budget. On top of it, your photos captured SOOOO MUCH emotion between Cody and I. Every image is amazing, and we can't even imagine how to make them better because they are already perfect in every way! We cannot wait to have your family at the wedding and celebrate with us. We are so honored to have you a part of it, and cannot wait to see you again very soon! Love, Cody and Amanda. 
Fabian and Carolina - Wedding

Thank you Gaciel and David! We loved having you talented people capturing those precious memories. We were truly blessed to have the best photographers!! 
Dipal and Amit - Engagement

Pictures are so beautiful. Omg I can't get over them Thank you so much for capturing our engagement so beautifully. Love them. The packaging, the cd covers and the details. Hats off to you!! Love them all!
Daveda and Sahil - Engagement

We LOVE the photos. They turned out amazing, our parents are pretty happy with them. Thank you SO much again, and as usual you never disappoint. 
Fancy and JT - Wedding

I love, love, and love the photography by Gaciel Santana! The photos are amazing and creative. She and her partner David are very professional, accommodating and friendly. I was lucky to have them do my wedding. They are busy all the time! With Gaciel's high quality of work, her prices are surprisingly budget friendlier than some other photographers' prices with the same caliber of work. I would recommend Gaciel Santana Photography to anyone.
Gauri and Kailash - Wedding

We were able to obtain the package this afternoon, and just finished going through all the photos on the usb! They are wonderful, and it was such a great experience to relive all those amazing moments! I didn't realize how many photos of all the details you had :) but I was equally happy to see lots of photos of family and friends! I can't wait to share these with our families over the holidays as they have been looking forward to seeing the final pictures! :) 

About the Album: We just received our wedding album, and it's gorgeous! Everything down to how beautiful it was wrapped was such a delight to experience. Thank you again for capturing these ones in a lifetime moments for us! I can't wait to share it with our friends and family :) 

Humera and Ziurul - Engagement

Loved the pictures and the packaging! It was such a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your cooperation with the whole shoot! Z and I both had a great time. Definitely already have friends and family members that want to work with you as well :) We will keep in touch.
Vidya and Anup - Wedding

Hello Gaciel!!! So many photos, I've gotten through only half, I think!!!! Absolutely love them so far!!! It's amazing, even the natural non-posed pictures came out amazing!!!!! :) You're so talented!!! Thank you, thank you!!!

About the Album: Anup and I just liked through the wedding album, can't even find the right words to tell you how much we love it!!!! We will always look back at this album, and remember one of the best days of our lives thanks to you!!!
Jehan and Mohsin - Wedding
Thank you so much for the photos! They are so beautiful, and we loved them! I couldn't asked for better photographers, and it was such a pleasure to work with you and David!
Mehr and Ben - Wedding
We loveeeee our album! It's so beautiful! So vivid! Thank you so much!!!!! Definitely a treat. Ben loved coming home to it. Thanks for being amazing
Vidya and Anup - Engagement

Love, love, love the photos!!! You are the best!! Thank you! Can't wait to capture more memories with your talent!
Sandeep and Joe - Wedding
You're so much on top of your things, dear :) We just got them on Friday, and watched the photos over the weekend till last night. Joe and I totally enjoyed the moments captured, and our personal shots. Everything turned our to be amazing!!! Thank you again for the lovely package on the DVD Covers, and the presentation. Now can't wait to see the actual album!

About the Album: OMG!!!!! Just opened the box and I can't believe it's so beautiful :) :) Thank you, dear Gaciel, for putting everything so beautifully to make our memories so special. Perfect timing right before the Valentines. Lots of love from Joe and I. 
Kerri and Nathan - Wedding

Thank you, Gaciel! We are so lucky to have the most beautiful pictures of that day from the best photographer! 
Rosy and family
Thanks so much bestie for an awesome photo shoot, we truly loved it and highly recommend you to everyone! 
Sanzida and Ashhadul - Wedding

I just received the package today. Thank you so much. Those pictures came out so beautiful. Thanks again :) 
Vidya and Anup - Maternity

Beautiful!!!! Love!!! Thank you! Can't stop staring at these photos!!! 
Murti and Ashish - Wedding

OMG we got the package!!! First of all, how cute is this packaging?! You're so good! I haven't stopped looking at the pictures since Monday! Every time I look at them I just say to myself "wow". Ashish was like "I already decided, when we have our first kid we're driving down to Palm City so Gaciel can take the pictures" lol You truly went above and beyond what we could have ever imagined!