Gaciel Santana 

The idea of becoming a photographer was seeded in my heart long before it grew it in my mind. It started innocently years ago when I began taking photos during gatherings with family and friends. I became their unofficial photographer as I took photos with an earnest eye eager to capture those fleeting moments. Many times I heard that I had an "eye" for photography, and I shrugged it off in modesty. But one day, the creative creature awoke and I decided to explore photography as an art; little did I know where this journey would take me.

I decided to turn my hobby into a "professional hobby" and began exploring it as a form of storytelling. Although writing has never been my strong suit, nothing gives me more pleasure than to be able "author" so many incredible stories.. that of the groom anxious to see his bride for the first time, that of the mother embracing her baby in her arms, or that of the father's smirk as he watches his kids playing in the sand. In between those hidden glances, teary eyes and hearty laughter, there's a memory being made.

I want to capture the best representation of you, but most importantly, your essence. So I'm here, waiting with a lens (or two.. or three!), waiting to snap away!