Life is what happens in between all those big milestones. I'm here to make sure you can keep doing what you need to get done (order the cake, pick up the tux, send the invitations, etc.) so that "find the best photographer in Florida" is one thing you never have to worry about. 

Q- How do we define our style?
A- Our style comes when we’re behind the lens creating images that we think, from our perspective, are a perfect representation of our client(s). We like to stand out through our images. We revel in both vivid colors as well as black/white shots, as long as the images look fresh, creative, and different.
Q- Are ALL images spot touched up/edited?
A- After we’re done with the event(s), we take our time to go over all of the images in detail. We eliminate images that can compromise the final outcome to be delivered (test shots, unfocused images and/or duplicates). We choose the most flattering images of our clients and do editing/touch up on close-ups (blemishes - underline eyes, softens skin, pimples, etc.). While our primary goal is to maintain the true integrity of the images, we provide enhancements as necessary to deliver an outstanding final product. We do minor enhancements on wide shots from the celebration in general: guests, decor, landscape, etc.
Q- What is included in the package? 
A- All EDITED high resolution digital images are delivered on DVD(s), as well as an USB Flash Drive for back up.
Q- Do we supply any RAW/UNEDITED images to the client?
A- Our photos are the best representation of our business. Our images make our style, but the editing defines us. As a business and owner of the original photographs, RAWs/unedited/original images are NOT given to the client.          
Q- How many photographers on site?
A- Two. A second photographer is always covering the event(s) with Gaciel to ensure we maximize coverage and capture those fleeting moments from different perspectives. 
Q- What do we cover?
A- Coverage time/details depends on client's needs. We can be there from getting ready shots, decor, couple/immediate family portraits, friends/groups, and ceremonies through reception. We make sure to get details, posed, and candid shots throughout the whole event(s).
Q- How much do we charge?
A- Prices will depend on duration of hire. Once we review the schedule, we’ll provide an accurate estimate of expenses, and you will always have the option to add hours according to your needs, even after signing the contract. If the event exceeds the time contracted, we will add the extra hours/amount to the final balance.   
Q- Do we offer any packages?
A- Since no two couples or events are alike, we don't subscribe to the notion of packages. We would rather  give you  the  option  to  choose  our services separately based on your needs.
Q- What are our payment terms?
A- First payment*: 40% of total amount is required once the client signs the contract (to hold the quoted fees and reserve the date(s)); 2nd payment: 40% will be collected TWO WEEKS prior the event(s); and a 20% remaining balance is due ONE WEEK prior delivery of the images. Payments can be made by Check and/or Direct Deposit.
Q- What is the turnaround time for images?
A- 16-18 weeks after the event(s).
Q- Are album(s) and/or prints included?
A- Albums and prints are ordered/sold separately. We have gorgeous options a la carte! Once we deliver all of your photos digitally, we can begin developing your prints.
Q- How long does it take to get the album(s) and/or prints?
A- Once you choose your favorite photos (130-140 maximum), we design the first draft, and send a proof for you to review.  If there are any changes you want to make, we redesign the album, and send you a second draft. Once you approve it, it takes three(3) weeks to deliver the album(s). 
Q- Do I need to provide accommodations for the photographers?
A- The client is responsible for the Photographer’s accommodations including, hotel and valet parking (if applicable) at the same venue as the wedding/reception. If applicable, airfare tickets for photographer and one crew member, and car rental will also be covered. These costs are not included on the Proposal/Contract.
Q- Who owns the photos' copyright?
A- Gaciel Santana Photography retains copyright in the photographs, and hereby grants the client unlimited (but non-exclusive) rights to use, reproduce, distribute, and share the images, however you may not sell or publish your images for profit without the written consent of Gaciel Santana Photography. 
Q- Do you provide cinematography services? 
A- We are the jack (and master) of one trade only: Photography. However, after working in the wedding industry for over a decade, We've had the pleasure of working with amazing cinematographers/videographers whom we are happy to recommend. 
Q- Do we have Liability Insurance?
A- Yes, we do.
Q- Do you do destination weddings?
A- Yes, we do. We offer our services worldwide.